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How To Boost Your Confidence: Download Your 12-Point Check-List

How To Boost Your Confidence: Download Your 12-Point Check-List

Self-confidence is essential if you are to continue to strive to achieve your hopes and dreams in life. However, there is a lot to take in on the topic of self-confidence and how to improve it!

This fourth article on the topic summarises the main points of my three previous blogs on this crucial subject. To simplify things and help you digest the information, I have devised a powerful confidence check-list which draws on the most powerful ‘best bites’ from all 3 blogs.

If you missed the original blogs, the links, and a summary of each, are below.

1. The first blog describes ‘The number 1 culprit of low self-confidence and how to fix it’.  I explain how you can get to grips with your negative self-talk and convert it into more positive supportive statements to help improve your self-confidence.

2. The second blog offers ‘7 ways to increase your confidence’. This article shows the power of self-belief and how developing positive expectations will improve your self-confidence. This helps you to reframe your thoughts and focus on expecting a best (not worst) outcome of any situation.

3. My third blog ‘How To Trick Yourself Into Feeling And Being Confident’ explains how to use your body language to fool yourself and others into believing that you are confident. Interestingly, this actually helps you to feel and be more confident.

The Confidence check list 30.8.21 summarises the main learning points from all 3 articles in a quick check-list format which you can review for yourself.  If you need more detail on the listed actions, check out the blogs (see above links) to refresh your memory.

The Check-list is completely free and can be downloaded here and printed for your personal use.  I look forward to hearing your feedback on how it has helped you become more confident in whatever it is you want to achieve in life.

Good luck, and warm wishes,


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