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Executive coaching can be defined as a professional relationship between an experienced coach and a client which is designed to enhance the client’s leadership capabilities. Dr Karen Castille is a skilled, qualified executive coach who has considerable experience of working with clinical leaders. In this episode she explains what coaching is, how it works and how it can benefit those in leadership roles. She also talks about self-coaching and her book “The Self-Coaching Workbook”.

Show Notes

Karen describes her career in leadership roles in the NHS (0:45)

Defining coaching “a structured conversation…to unlock potential” (1:23)

Coaching is ACE (2:06)

Often about “dealing with difficult people” (2:51)

Does coaching have any practical outcomes? (4:10)

The relationship between client and coach (5:31)

Achieving personal goals through coaching (6:33)

What can coaching achieve? (7:38)

A hypothetical example (8:22)

Developing a tangible plan (9:08)

The coaching process – is not therapy (9:56)

The advantages of coaching as a development opportunity (11:22)

Finding a coach (13:33)

How much does coaching cost? (14:23)

The length of a coaching session (14:57)

Getting coaching funded (15:31)

If you can’t access coaching – try self-coaching (16:14)

What is self-coaching? Why write a handbook? (17:02)

Self-coaching as a reasonable alternative or an addition to coaching (18:29)

Contact Karen and find the book (19:24)

You can contact Karen via email here

You can find The Self-Coaching Workbook) here

The book is also available at Amazon here

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