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How is your team doing?  Good? Or maybe just OK?  Is good, good enough?

Imagine what could be achieved if you could magnify

your team’s performance from OK to exceptional.

Interested?  Read on…

What would you say if I told you that whatever the current performance level your team, I can help magnify their performance several times over?

I motivate teams to co-produce a shared understanding of their unique and combined skills and agree their priorities in the context of the organisation’s goals.

Great individuals do not automatically make a great team.  Following my work in Asia, the UK and the U.S., I have developed a unique 5-step process that has worked time and time again to transform team behaviour and amplify their performance.

Used widely across different organisations, industries, and countries, the approach can be specifically tailored to the context of your organisation and team.

Overview of the 5 Steps

  • Step 1 Review team culture, values and behaviour

    Karen personally… Conducts one-to-one interviews with team members Analyses important issues and themes Observes the team in action Works with stakeholders to understand their perspectives

  • Step 2 Provide coaching support

    As an experienced leadership coach and mentor, Karen works with team members to help them maximise their individual strengths and capabilities, as well as helping them to overcome barriers and resistance to change.

  • Step 3 Build team capability for change

    Through a series of bespoke workshops, the team is provided with tools and techniques specific to the context in which they operate, and the changes they are working on.  Examples include how to make change happen; dealing with ‘difficult’ people; and leading and managing in complex organisational cultures.

  • Step 4 Create specific action plan

    Feedback is provided on observations and team interactions and the team is supported to develop their bespoke action plan.  This includes clear steps for key individuals and the team as whole and enables the challenging shift to a higher level of effectiveness.

  • Step 5 Support delivery of the plan

    The process does not end with the production of a plan.  Coaching and mentoring support is provided to key individuals in the team, especially the team leader, to ensure the plan is delivered successfully and team performance shifts to a new level.


In addition to using the 5-step process, I can work with you and your team in bespoke ways on more targeted team developments that fit your requirements.  I can either work independently with you, or in partnership with some of my hand-picked associates.

“Karen skilfully helped us have the difficult conversations that we had inadvertently been avoiding. I was worried that we wouldn’t achieve the challenging goals we had set for the day. In fact, we exceeded all our expectations and now feel that we are a much stronger team.”

Vice President of a North American Company

I will inspire your team to find a common purpose, strengthen their connections with each other and deepen their understanding of how their work connects to organisational goals.  I am confident that my extensive experience will get your team on track whatever their current performance.  They will develop renewed energy, pride and passion in their work and their performance will rise.

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