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5 False Assumptions About Multi-tasking And How To Stop.

Is it better to do several tasks or activities simultaneously, or instead should we concentrate on doing one thing at a time?
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How are you? – 5 ideas to help you cope at home

I can’t promise you loo rolls or certainty.  Instead, I'm offering practical tips to help you navigate and thrive in these difficult times.
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7 Top Tips to get your goals back on track

By the time the Christmas decorations come down most people have already given up on…

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10 things coaching can do for you

When your car won’t start you probably call out a mechanic. And when your drain…

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3 Crucial Questions when you feel stuck

One of my clients – let’s call him Mike – felt that he had lost his mojo
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Women: Victims or champions of change?

I can often be heard complaining about the relative dearth of women leaders in senior…

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Emmeline Pankhurst would turn in her grave

People have been quick to celebrate the slight increase in the number of women in…

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Men, women and food: Unconscious bias is still on the table

Babycham, Yorkie, humus?  Unconscious bias takes many forms and conjures an array of images in…

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