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As an experienced board member with a Doctorate in Leadership and Change, I provide personal hands-on support for you and your organisation.  I work as either as an independent specialist or, for larger pieces of work, as team leader of a hand-picked team of associates.

We do:

  • Away-days, seminars and workshops
  • Corporate events
  • Leadership and management events and development programmes
  • Meeting facilitation

Our first step is to understand your unique development requirements.  Then, in partnership with you, we design and deliver agreed interventions to support you and your teams with your transformation challenges, change programmes and leadership dilemmas.  We are results focused and achieve outstanding results – as defined by you

Examples of the sort of OD work we do are:

  • Design and deliver bespoke leadership and management programmes for medical staff and/or other clinicians
  • Work with staff and stakeholders to identify (or strengthen) organisational values and embed these into everyday work
  • Work with executive teams, VP’s or other leadership teams to create a common purpose, shared priorities and an accountability framework
  • Review women leaders in your workplace and suggest ways to support women to rise to leadership positions
  • Introduce leadership and management concepts to new leaders and help them apply these in practice
  • Work with your 100 top leaders to create a unified leadership voice and momentum for change centred around your organisational goals
  • Facilitate Board and team strategy days to work on your specific strategic challenges

Previous work in both public and commercial sector organisations has included a plethora of workshops, seminars, programmes and key note speeches.  In an interactive environment, participants are encouraged to interact, collaborate, generate ideas, plan improvements and agree actions.

“Karen worked with our newly formed teams from the USA and Asia. She supported them to develop shared values, objectives and an accountability framework which we have successfully spread to our other global teams. We look forward to working with her again!”

VP, Global Sales and Commercial Enterprise, North America.

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